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Jerry Andrews


As of 2019 I have been working in film and TV for 40 years. From my first job in animatronics at Jim Henson's Creature Workshop, through 11 years of animation production in camera and lighting, 9 years working full time for VFX companies, numerous shoots as a director of photography, and many freelance contracts as a VFX supervisor

28 Years as a Motion Control Operator


Kinetic Camera was launched in 2005 as a rental facility, offering the Milo crane and other equipment. However, I have travelled the world as a freelance operator, and currently 95% of my work is with owners of motion control gear in Canada, USA, and elsewhere. I am one of very few experienced, freelance operators with no single employer.

How can I help you?


Apart from operating a range of equipment on several software platforms, I can offer technical support and treatments, VFX and motion control consultancy, software and hardware training, script and storyboard assessment, and truly independent advice on the right solution to any creative challenge.

And my advice is often free!

What We Do

This website is brand new. I'll be posting a series of reels in the near future, but here is one example of the kind of seamless visual sequence that motion control can enable.
A 2012 Highliner commercial shot on my 'Sledhead' system in Toronto, for  production company OPC.

Director: Chris Woods, DoP: James Gardner
VFX:  Naveen Srivastava at The Vanity

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We have 25+ years of providing motion control solutions and expertise in locations around the world, for movies, TV series, commercials and music videos.


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